About Income Bookkeeping LLC

Building Partnerships: Our Values in Action

Income Bookkeeping provides Subcontractors personalized support to grow a healthy business.  We see ourselves as a business partner - we ensure that all your financial decisions are made carefully and with your best interests in mind.

Our ​Mission

We empower Subcontractors with financial clarity and success. We help our clients maximize profitability, minimize unnecessary costs, and accelerate cash flow. We handle the numbers while they focus on what they do best. Becoming part of our client's team, our commitment to excellence, integrity, and personalized service drives us to exceed expectations. 

​Our Vision

To transform financial chaos into crystal-clear insights! Our goal is to help Subcontractors understand their financial records so they can feel proud, confident, and in control of their business. 

Our Core Values

We Embrace a Values-Driven Approach:

  • Mutual Trust and Integrity: Striving to create lifetime partnerships; prioritizing relationships grounded in Integrity, trust, respect and honesty.

  • Open Communication: We believe in clear, transparent communication as the cornerstone of client partnerships, ensuring effective collaboration to meet your financial needs.

  • Client-Centric Focus: Dedicated to your success, we tailor services to meet your unique needs and goals, providing personalized solutions to propel your business forward.

Aura Jimenez

At Income Bookkeeping, we go beyond numbers, serving as your dedicated partner in achieving financial success and peace of mind.

Income Bookkeeping was founded by Aura Jimenez with a clear mission: to support subcontractors in running healthy, thriving businesses. Aura became an entrepreneur during tough times in 2009, facing financial challenges while supporting her family. Through her journey in construction and real estate, she learned the hard lessons of business ownership firsthand, especially dealing with taxes, government rules, and financial planning - not the most enjoyable tasks!

Our goal at Income Bookkeeping is straightforward: we want our construction clients to feel comfortable asking any financial question. We're here to help you focus on growing a successful, sellable business while enjoying the freedom to spend time with your loved ones without sacrificing profits.

Aura Jimenez enjoys assisting startups and small construction businesses in their beginning years of operation and providing ongoing coaching as their venture flourish.