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Does Partnering With Us Fits Your Vision?

At Income Bookkeeping, we genuinely prioritize your business's success. We strive to cultivate enduring partnerships that stand the test of time. Before we commit to working together, we take the necessary time to ensure compatibility for both parties. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our collaboration is not only advantageous but also deeply fulfilling for you and your business.

Where To Start:

1. Schedule a Discovery Call: Take a moment to answer a few short questions about your business. During our meeting, we'll delve into your business goals and needs to ensure we're on the same page.

2. Our First Meeting: Let's connect via Zoom Video Chat to get acquainted and discuss how we can support your business better.

3. Initial Estimate: We'll provide you with a preliminary estimate, giving you an idea of the cost involved.

4. Diagnostic: If the estimated price range works for you, we'll request some documents to give you a diagnostic report along with a proposal outlining our recommended plan of action. 

5. Proposal Signing: Once you've reviewed and signed the proposal and engagement agreement, we'll schedule an onboarding date and begin setting you up in our client portal.

6. Getting Started: We'll kick off by setting up, cleaning up, and catching up on your financial records. Throughout this process, we'll stay in touch regularly, ensuring we have all the necessary accounting information to support your business effectively.

7. Monthly Services Commence: Once the cleanup is complete, we'll officially begin our monthly services, providing ongoing support to keep your finances in order.

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